This unique and patented concept allows us to transform your Harley into three different types of vehicles:  firstly, into a Quad, secondly into a Trike with a two-wheel frontend or thirdly, into a Trike with a two-wheel backend.
The complete transformation entails no drilling, welding or any other permanent alteration of your original Harley-Davidson® motorcycle frame or chassis.

We have chosen a suspension design derived from the classical Formula 1 race car. The benefits of this design compared to a rigid-axel design of many comparable products are enormous and speaks for itself.

The wheel geometry is adjustable as well as the vehicle height and suspension characteristics.

Due to the implementation of our differential, the vehicle’s handling is perfectly neutral even in the tightest curves which also attributes to safety and tracking.

The frame covers and fenders are handmade of high-quality fiber glass. You also have the option of integrating a solo or dual seat on your Q-Tec.